Facebook Might Not Get You A Job, But It’s A Lifeline

Former Seattle P-I book critic John Douglas Marshall freely confesses to not “getting” Twitter. He doesn’t want a bajillion Facebook friends, and he’s pretty sure—after 13 months of looking—that the social network isn’t going to get him a job.

But what Facebook has done for this unemployed newspaper writer is send a lifeline to the real world.

“[I]n newsrooms… wise-ass comments, deadline dustups, and squawking radios and TV’s define the workplace,” he writes. At home, alone, it’s unsettling. On Facebook, at least, “I take unexpected comfort from those who share all the mundane details of their daily lives—the birthdays, anniversaries, new baby milestones, memorable meals, vacation trips, concerts and films, office hijinks, pet pix, weather reports, articles that impressed or outraged or amused. My anticipated two dozen Facebook friends have now swelled to 425 folks, acquaintances mostly, even some absolute strangers (why not at this point?).” What Facebook does, says Marshall, is remind him that life goes on beyond unemployment. And it does. Even if it may seem that everyone’s out of work right now.

This definitely makes us feel less guilty about spending time on Facebook…

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