Facebook's News Feed Boosts Likes And Comments

Likes have increased 18 percent for Facebook pages during the first week after the site changed the news feed.

Good news for page administrators: In the week following the changes likes have increased 18 percent for Facebook pages after the site changed the news feed.

Comments have risen 17 percent, leading EdgeRank Checker to surmise that the news feed is so far producing the desired increase in engagement.

The flip side of this is that the average page has had a 33 percent drop in views per post.

This would be bad news if it weren’t for the fact that engagement has increased by at least 35 percent, based on the likes and comments. Call it quality over quantity.

Further evidence of quality over quantity: users are resharing more content, especially individual photos, according to our sibling blog Inside Facebook.

Users are cluing into the fact that they can customize what they see in the news feed by interacting with their preferred content.

People are seeing fewer posts from pages, but the ones that do show up in the feed are more targeted than ever.

However, these patterns are really a set of initial results. In the coming weeks and months, users, page administrators and developers will all get accustomed to the news feed and new trends might emerge as a result.

Readers, what do you make of EdgeRank Checker’s findings?