Facebook Is Not Charging And Never Will

Back in January we wrote that Facebook will not begin charging for the site, however the rumor won’t disappear. Thanks to a group called “I’m quitting facebook when the start charging $50/per month on July 8, 2010”, hundreds of thousands of users are convinced that the company will begin charging for the services in a couple months. That group is actually completely inaccurate and Facebook has no intention of doing so ever.

Despite Facebook continuously dismissing claims that the company will not charge for their service, the rumors continue to spread. Ironically Facebook is the platform that is always used to perpetuate the false claims. While the fee has ranged from group to group, it’s a pretty much guaranteed way of driving hundreds of thousands of users to your group.

Other false groups have grown by scammers, some of which have actually extracted money from unsuspecting users who register for mobile subscriptions in exchange for supposedly “free” gift cards. All of these groups and Pages are absolutely false and in some cases can actually result in loss of money. Despite Facebook attempting to shut down all of these groups, some are occasionally able to get through the company’s filters as is the case with the group listed in this article.

So in case you were wondering: Facebook is not currently and never will charge to access the service.

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