VOTE: Notifications About Deleted Facebook Comments

Do you receive notifications about things that may have been deleted on Facebook?

Friends have kvetched that they’ve received notifications about comments, only to click on the link and discover no such post.

I’ve replied that most likely the commenter deleted his or her comment. Yet some insist that’s not the case and that they’re seeing a rise in notifications of nonexistent comments.

I still think these are most likely deletions that may be occurring more frequently. The issue may be that Facebook needs to upgrade notifications to disappear after someone deletes a comment or other post.

The site probably needs to add a note about this phenomenon to the help center, which currently doesn’t say anything about notifications leading to things that have probably been deleted.

So I thought I’d ask all of you, readers, what you’re seeing on this front. Please participate in our simple poll below and elaborate on your experiences by posting in the comments section beneath this post. Check back later to see how others are voting.

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