Facebook Now Running Over 30,000 Servers

According to new information released by Facebook last week (and published by Data Center Knowledge today), the company is now running “somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 servers”. The company is also collecting a whopping 25 terabytes of log data per day, which is supposedly “the equivalent of about 1,000 times the volume of mail delivered daily by the U.S. Postal Service”.

This information came from a presentation delivered by Jeff Rothschild, Facebook’s VP of Technology, at the Center for Networked Systems. With so much growth over the past two years, the company has been forced to invest heavily in infrastructure. There have been large capital investments in infrastructure at Faceboook over the past couple years. The company previously borrowed $100 million to fund server expansion, and with around 20,000 new servers, it’s clear that a decent portion (if not all) of that loan has now been allocated.

There were some other interesting statistics covered by Rothschild during his presentation, including that the company now has about 230 engineers on staff out of the more than 900 employees. Also, there are more than 80 billion images now stored by Facebook. Overall there is an impressive amount of data being stored by Facebook, much of which is being accessed on a daily basis.

This is why delivery of information has become one of the most significant issues for Facebook. According to Jeff Rothschild over 600,000 photos are served each second. For more information about the large Facebook infrastructure, check out the Data Center Knowledge article as well as Jeff Rothschild’s presentation.

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