Facebook Now Testing Sending “Like” Window Stickers To Local Businesses

Facebook has started using an old-school marketing tactic to get local businesses to promote their Facebook Pages to customers more visibly on the physical premises: It is asking business owners to post stickers on their windows, with a call-to action directing users to “Like” their Facebook Page. The sticker includes SMS instructions and the Page’s URL.

The sticker (see screenshot) and a copy of a letter from Facebook director of product marketing, Tim Kendall, were recently obtained by Mashable. The letter to the Museum of Making Music encourages businesses to put up the sticker by reminding them that “businesses that promote their Page off-Facebook tend to see a 20% greater increase in connects,” and by offering them a $25 coupon for buying Facebook ads. The ads, of course, are partly what this is about — Facebook wants to on-board local businesses via these stickers, coupons, etc. in order to get them buying ads to get even more fans.

There are other interesting ideas one could see Facebook doing in this direction. If it rolls out a way for local businesses to provide their location on their Pages, Facebook could ask users to “check in” to these businesses — essentially turning Pages into a more interactive format for businesses and users to interact. As Foursquare and other location-based services work now, Pages could serve as a vehicle for coupons and other real-world rewards based on things like the number or timing of check-ins. It’s not hard to imagine a Facebook sticker on a store window saying “check in here to get your coupon on Facebook.”

For now, though, the stickers are just an experiment. We asked Facebook and this is what it said: “This is currently a test with a small number of businesses. We’ll share more details with you as they become available.”