Facebook Posts On Occupy Wall Street Protests Light Fire Under Mainstream Media

Facebook users posts complaining that the mainstream media isn't covering 12 days of demonstrations may have had the desired effect: coverage of Occupy Wall Street, which protests corporate influence over U.S. politics and no resolution of the global economic crisis.

Facebook posts complaining that the mainstream media isn’t covering U.S. protests called Occupy may have had the desired effect: coverage.

The original demonstration, Occupy Wall Street, has been going on for 12 days as of this writing, with people camping out or threatening to do so in New York City’s financial district, to protest businesses’ influence over U.S. politics and lack of any immediate resolution of the global financial crisis.

These protests take inspiration from recent demonstrations in the Middle East, which were organized via Facebook and other social media.

A Google search for news stories about Occupy protests turns up 1,200 articles; the first five results shown: Time, New York Daily News, Huffington post, Reuters and the U.K. Guardian, in that order.

Quite possibly the Facebook posts complaining about a dearth of coverage in the mainstream media might have inspired reporters to get cracking.

And yet, Facebook users continue to complain about the shortage of mainstream media coverage of Occupy — which started on Wall Street and is just beginning to spread to other cities — several days after the desired articles have been showing up.

Public posts on the topic of Occupy Wall Street, along with calls to do similar protests in other cities, are going up on Facebook at an average rate of about once every six seconds as of this writing.

Notable among these posts: Shares of videos by the hacktivist group Anonymous calling for people to continue to post about the protests and rally others to ongoing protests; in the most recent of these, embedded beneath this post, Anonymous thanks the press for covering protests and asks all users of social media to keep posting about Occupy.

Readers, what are your friends saying about Occupy Wall Street and similar events planned for other U.S. cities?

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