Herman Cain Looks North To Boost Facebook Page

Where do some Republican presidential hopefuls, and even a Kennedy, turn to boost their Facebook brand?

Where do some Republican presidential hopefuls, and even a member of the Kennedy clan, turn to boost their Facebook brand?

To North Social, whose clients include GOP candidates from the Hermanator (aka Herman Cain), to Newt Gingrich and former California First Lady Maria Shriver.

For example, Cain uses North Social’s Photo Showcase app to sell merchandise, a Video Channel app to highlight his 9-9-9 proposal on how to revive the economy, and Sign Up to collect emails from supporters.

Former House Speaker Gingrich incorporates Social North’s Donate app and Fan Offer app to collect likes and encourage visitors to join his effort. ‘

The company’s apps are designed to work with smaller scale campaigns as well, such as Leeland Yee’s mayoral effort in San Francisco.

Perhaps our favorite nugget on the company’s web site is the bit of political humor it injected into its latest installment of the Fan Page Fail video short series.

They use the example of former Idaho Senator Larry Craig — who was caught in a, um, compromising position in a Minneapolis airport restroom –to teach a lesson about when and where to promote a Facebook page. Good stuff.

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