Lost In Brouhaha: New Facebook Page Tab For Friends

A cool new tab on pages lets people see how their friends interact with the page -- but it's hard for Facebook users to notice the change amid the much louder outcry over the changed news feed.

Facebook’s changes to the site in the countdown to the f8 conference includes one that isn’t ruffling any feathers yet: A new tab on pages lets people see how their friends interact with the page.

Facebook announced the new feature on its Facebook + Journalists page with only a single sentence — “Now you can see your friends’ activity on pages for social relevance” — accompanying the screen grab below.

The information appears under a new tab on users’ profile pages, just under those for Wall and Info, appropriately titled “Friend Activity.”

The announcement on the Facebook + Journalists page garnered many comments, but most of them had nothing to do with the tab.

Instead, the thread turned into venting over the news feed changes. Some of the most notable comments were:

  • But isn’t the social relevance subjective? Why does Facebook decide what I need to see more of?
  • where’s the privacy of the users if all your friends can see everything you’re doing in facebook?!?
  • I’m sorry, but I could maintain all our pages better with the way it was before. Is there any way there can be a heads up the next time you decide to mess things up? – frustrated web producer.
  • What’s the matter, Facebook? Were the users customizing away all the things you wanted to stick in our faces?
  • It’s a worthless POS. I predict the end of Facebook.
  • we want a dislike button so we can DISLIKE all the crappy changes to FB!!! YOU SHOULDA LEFT IT AS IT WAS!

There were a few positive comments, as well, mostly of the one-word variety (“fantastic,” “super”) — we think these actually referred to the friend activity tab on pages.

Readers, should Facebook clear up the news feed controversy before announcing any other new features?

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