How To Create A Facebook Media Room For Publicity

Publicists create media relations sections of their websites without doing the same on Facebook pages. Here's how to get one started.

Attracting media attention is a double-edged sword: You want the coverage of television, print, online, and radio journalists, but they are often on deadline and need your information last-minute.

How can you give journalists what they need without leaving your business hanging? Create a tab for them on your Facebook page!

Media-savvy organizations often have a press room on their website, offering their latest press releases, images of key personnel, logo artwork, articles and interviews journalists can draw from, as well as contact information.

However, I’ve seen precious few companies putting up the same resources on Facebook pages, and that’s a huge missed opportunity.

Journalists do use social networks to find sources for their stories!

After all, they use Facebook just like you do: they share family photos, catch up with college alumni, and while doing so, often search for interesting material for upcoming stories. Tory Johnson of Good Morning America does this often:

Make it easy for them to cover you by doing the following:

  1. Create a separate media room tab, using a third-party app like TabSite, Pagemodo, or Wildfire.
  2. Add downloadable resources for journalists by providing links to those items on your server. All they have to do is click and they get what they need. They didn’t have to pick up the phone and track you down for an interview before their deadline. You just made their job super easy. Important point here: make sure those links open in a new tab or window, otherwise they open in Facebook and it’s not pretty!
  3. Include the following resources: press releases (or the new social news release), product background releases, video, PowerPoint presentations, photos in both high-resolution and low-resolution, and of course, contact information.

I’m on many journalists’ short list of people they can go to reliably for a story, a quote, or an interview on a moment’s notice, and many of them found me through my media room.

What other resources would you include in your Facebook media room?

Guest writer Maria Peagler is the founder of