How We Upgraded Our Own Facebook Page To Timeline

Follow along as we upgrade our own page on Facebook to timeline. Hit refresh to get the latest updates.

Facebook’s put a lot of effort into creating instructional pop-up windows to guide page administrators through the process of upgrading to timeline.

And we’ve also noticed that we can edit the page while logged in with our personal accounts rather than having to switch to navigating as an administrators — note that once you complete the upgrade to timeline, you have to revert to logging in as an admin to edit your page.

Going through the process of upgrading a profile to timeline has definitely made it easier to sort out how to make this upgrade for a page.

And if you’ve got a rich archive of public posts and you’ve been actively moderating what everyone else posts on your wall, all you really need to do is prepare a cover image, upload it and you’ve got a good timeline.

However, even if you’ve been very meticulous about moderating wall posts, you still want to go to the page administrator’s version of the activity log on timeline and start going through your history.

But with Facebook’s big marketing conference beginning to livestream soon, we’re going to save our curation for later. Readers, please share with us your experiences upgrading to timeline on your page — or, for those of you who don’t have pages, what do you think about the timelines you’re seeing going up all over the site today?

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