Facebook Phone Coming Thursday?

Facebook is hosting a press conference on Thursday in which they are rumored to reveal and new Facebook phone, along with a new mobile operating software which is reportedly called “Home.”

Android Police reported today that the new phone will be an HTC phone and is currently has the code name, “Myst.” Here is more from the blog: “The hardware is not very exciting, especially considering the long and winding road this project has been on (since at least late 2011, when it was known as ‘”Buffy”). It sounds a lot like the previously-leaked HTC Opera from last November, too, which was also billed as the alleged ‘Facebook phone.'”

While a Facebook-exclusive phone may have a limited market, speculation is going on that the new Facebook “Home” operating system will also be available on any Android phone.

TechCrunch explains: “Home is designed to run on the more traditional Android OS installed on handsets made by OEMs other than HTC. Essentially, Facebook could ship a version of Home that could be downloaded from Google Play onto a wide variety of devices.”