Untag Facebook Photos On An IPhone With PhotoBox

Have you ever wanted to untag a Facebook photo using an iPhone? Now you can, using the free application PhotoBox.

Have you ever wanted to untag a Facebook photo using an iPhone? Now you can.

That’s the most novel of the features in the free application PhotoBox.

It allows Facebook members to perform the following tasks via their iPhones:

  • Download single or multiple photos simultaneously into organized folders;
  • Browse and remove themselves from tagged photos;
  • Edit photos using 18 different special effects, including crop, flip, draw, filter, and add text;
  • Batch upload photos to new or existing Facebook albums;
  • Post photos to timeline;
  • Like and add comments to photos;
  • View photos they have liked in a single folder;
  • Back up and view Facebook photos offline;
  • Search photos by album or friend name; and
  • Share photos via email.

PhotoBox was developed by Weaver Mobile, and its co-founder and chief executive officer, Raymond Wei, said:

With timeline coming to everyone’s profiles, pictures are becoming even more important to Facebook users. There are many stellar apps out there that support only one area for photos — sharing, filtering, searching, or managing.

What we haven’t seen is one app that allows people to take charge of how they are represented on Facebook, whether it is editing photos or deciding which photos they share with friends. It is a gap that we saw in the market, and one that we’re excited to fill.

Readers: Have you been looking for ways to better manage your Facebook photos?

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