Facebook Platform Roadmap Update: Invites Moving to a “New Notification Area”

It’s been many months since Facebook announced a series of changes to its user communication channels for app developers. Since then, many of them have happened: the redesigned home page, app and game dashboards, and removal of application notifications. But one set of changes that have not been rolled out yet are significant modifications to invitations and requests.

In an update to its developer roadmap, Facebook now says that access to invites will be moving to a “new notifications area” in July. Previously, Facebook had indicated that invites were going to be moved to an Inbox tab in June. Other requests are still being phased out and replaced by updated Share dialogs.

While Facebook has released mockups of what the Inbox tab implementation would look like (below), it hasn’t shared images of what a “new notification area” might look like, or if it is actually much different than the Inbox tab mockup at all. Of course, these changes to invite access points could have substantial impact on application design for many developers. We’ll let you know as more information is available.