Facebook Plugins Continue to Spread, 100,000 Sites Now Connected

Facebook posted a blog Tuesday announcing that more than 100,000 sites had implemented one of Facebook’s new plugins: the Like button, Activity Feed and Recommendations plugin. Combined with existing Facebook Connect implementations, more than 250,000 sites are using Facebook APIs.

We’ve previously written about Facebook’s plugin data, how these plugins are giving companies an edge over competitors and how they might begin to be implemented in different ways (as well as some privacy issues with them).

Here’s a look at the latest numbers.

First, an important note: A key remaining question is how much actual traffic all these percentages are actually implying. If the sites didn’t previously have a lot of traffic from Facebook, then any increase is going to look big. If they did have a lot of traffic from Facebook already, the numbers below are quite significant.

For example, Facebook referral traffic for The Washington Post increased by 290%, 250% for ABC News and 80% for The Globe and Mail (Canada), which also found that people who had “Liked” their Facebook Page show higher engagement by commenting, sharing and reading more than others.

There was a similar trend for NHL.com, official web site of the National Hockey League, which saw an 80% increase in Facebook referral traffic. And for Scribd, which helps authors publish their writing, Facebook referral traffic has doubled now that authors are able to gain followers from among their Facebook friends.

Facebook also offered examples of plugin usage from the movie and video sector. IMDb.com’s daily referral traffic from Facebook doubled and its users have generated more than 350,000 Likes.

Dailymotion, which Facebook points out is one of the 50 most-trafficked sites in the world, implemented the Like button and now receives tens of thousands of Likes per day; a quarter of 250,000 users who engaged with Patrick Jean’s video “PIXELS” were Facebook users, for example.

Two examples were job search engine SimplyHired, which found that those who logged in via Facebook were twice as engaged as others, partly because when these users do so they see job openings available where their friends work and at the companies whose Facebook Pages they’ve liked. Personera, which helps people print their own materials like photos and calendars, told Facebook that its users generate 50% more page views, spend 25% more time on the site and have a 20% lower bounce rate than non-Facebook users.

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