Facebook Plugs Into Android With a New SDK

In another sign that the tech world is starting to take Android seriously, Facebook released its first official software development kit for the mobile platform today. Developers can use the SDK immediately with a couple of features, and more will likely be added in the coming months.

For companies looking to build mobile social games, the best option so far has been the iPhone operating system. But the growth of Android — and this new access — means the mobile OS is starting to look more promising.

One of those features is simply the ability to publish stories back to a user’s Facebook page — one of the bedrock functions of apps on the social network. The second is the Graph API, which offers a few more possibilities, including a more advanced interface with the feed and information from the user’s profile, like their friends, photos and fan pages.

Just two days ago, MySpace’s own SDKs for both Android and the iPhone went live. So in the space of a week, Android developers have gained easy access to both social networks.

Facebook’s own turnaround to creating an Android SDK is interesting. It hasn’t done much with Android, even though it has built its own iPhone app, and worked with manufacturers and developers around the world to integrate its mobile services. Toward the end of 2008, Facebook was reportedly snubbing the fledgling mobile OS. But today, a post on Facebook’s developer blog said the network is “really excited” to do its beta launch for Android.

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