Facebook Prepares To Announce 500 Million Users

Facebook is working on plans for their 500 million user celebration, projected to take place at some point before the end of June. While we’d expect Facebook to make an announcement in the next couple weeks, an announcement should be expected well before June 25th, when the company would surpass 500 million if growth was currently linear. We’ve spoken with multiple sources that have informed us that plans are underway for the big 500 million user celebration.

While historically the company doesn’t host large celebrations, the company will most definitely toast to the occasion as it should roughly coincide with the three year anniversary of the Facebook Platform taking place in the next couple weeks. Despite the ongoing media-fueled privacy backlash against Facebook, there is still much to celebrate at the fledgling company.

Before the end of this year, the company should near the 600 million user mark and surpass $1 billion in annualized revenue. While the company still faces some risks from competition, the company will be the sole member of the 500 million user league. To think that the company was at 175 million users just over a year ago makes Facebook’s continued growth a dramatic one.

Look for Facebook to make an official announcement about the 500 million active user milestone in the coming weeks.

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