Facebook President Becomes French Star

Ouriel Ohayon has the story about a massive prank that has taken place within the French media. The prank involves Arash Derambarsh, a 28 year old French citizen that won the Facebook presidency via the ePresident application on Facebook. What’s funny is that he claimed that he could now secretly message the close to hundred million Facebook users thanks to winning the presidency.

In one of the French media outlets he is quoted as claiming that he has access to two times the amount people that the French President has access to providing him with even greater power. This story was picked up throughout the French press and nobody decided to question it to see if it was real. While France has a large population on Facebook, apparently none of them are French press.

It makes you wonder if someone could have pulled off a similar prank in this country. This would be the perfect time to send out a press release announcing your win of the Facebook presidential election and that you are now running for President of the Unites States. Perhpas someone will follow in Arash’s footsteps. This is too funny.