Facebook Releases Connect for iPhone 1.1

It’s been about six months since Facebook first publicly released its Facebook Connect for iPhone client libraries at SXSW in Austin. Since then, app developers from Playfish to Urbanspoon have integrated Facebook Connect into their iPhone apps, making it easy for users to share content to the Facebook stream and easier for developers to add more social context to their iPhone apps.

Tonight, Facebook just released an update to its Connect for iPhone libraries. According to Facebook, the update “will fix some of the more common bugs we’ve been hearing from you, and will supplement FBFeedDialog with FBStreamDialog, a new class for feed form dialogs similar to the FB.Connect.streamPublish feed forms from our JavaScript client library.”

Now, the feed forms on the iPhone will more closely match the feed form design on Connect websites. Facebook also says it pushed a refactored version of all Facebook Connect feed forms, so if you see any issues, file a bug here.