Facebook Removes External Link Toolbar (Updated)

At some point over the past couple hours, Facebook quietly disabled their toolbar which previously used an iFrame to display all destination sites that were linked to from within Facebook. Previously all links from within Facebook resulted in a toolbar which had commenting and like features that users could interact with once they arrived to the destination site. The service was first announced last December but had been causing some issues for a few people.

Our site actually had an issue in which users would have the page constantly refresh everytime a page was loaded. While we’re not sure if this is the reason for external links no longer having the toolbar, I’ve reached out to Facebook to get some form of clarification. The feature was pretty useful, however we could understand if there were technical issues taking place.

For now we aren’t quite sure why they decided to turn this off or if this is a temporary glitch. We’re currently waiting on a response from Facebook and will update the post as soon as we hear back.

Facebook has followed up with us and has confirmed that the toolbar has been removed permanently.

Update 2
Apparently this feature has been gone for at least a month but this is the first time we noticed it. A Twitter user pointed to this one month ago.

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