Facebook removes option to view only friends’ posts on a page

Facebook recently removed the “posts by friends” view of pages, which used to show all the posts a user’s friends had with or about a given page. This could signal a possible new feature that gives users more options to find posts and conversations about a topic.

Currently, users can filter posts on a brand or fan page by “highlights,” “posts by page” or “posts by others,” as seen below. “Posts by friends” used to be a fourth option to help users find what their friends had said about a page. This included posts made directly on the page’s wall, as well as friends’ status updates or other posts that mentioned the topic, either through @ tagging or basic text mentions.

Facebook did not say when exactly it eliminated this feature, but confirmed that it was removed intentionally.

“We continue to improve pages to make them a place for people to learn and interact with different businesses,” a company spokesperson told us. “News Feed is where people can engage we posts and content from their friends and connections. Given that, we removed ‘posts by friends’ on pages. Those posts can still be seen in ‘posts by others.'”

Although friends’ posts are included in “posts by others,” this view includes all wall posts and mentions by anyone on Facebook. There does not seem to be any additional prominence given to posts from friends, so it is not as useful for finding out whether a person’s friends have engaged with the page or said anything about the topic in the past. However, it’s likely that this was an infrequent use case, and that many users did not know this was possible and therefore didn’t use it much.

As Facebook expands Graph Search to incorporate users’ posts and status updates, it could offer an even better tool for this scenario. For example, in the future users might be able to search “posts by my friends about Barack Obama.” There have also been reports that Facebook is considering a way to incorporate hashtags into its service, which might also help users explore what their friends and others are saying about a person, company, issue or event.

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