Facebook Removing 24 Hour Caching Policy on User Data for Developers

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg just announced this morning that Facebook would be removing its Platform policy requiring that developers only store user data accessed through its APIs for 24 hours.

The removal of this policy means Facebook is making it easier for developers to build richer applications on top of user data originally sourced from Facebook. Developers will be really happy about this change – more coming soon.

Update: We just asked Mark Zuckerberg and Bret Taylor about the changes, and Zuckerberg said that the change was one primarily motivated by technical costs being created by the policy for developers, instead of any intended change in how developers should use user data.

“Zynga has had to download user information 100 million times per day because of our policy. Developers were having to architect entire systems just to do this. There aren’t any other changes in the policies on how developers can use the data,” Zuckerberg says.

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