Facebook replaces ‘brand resource center’ with new website and assets

Facebook has launched Facebookbrand.com to replace its previous brand resource center. The new site is more visual and offers additional guidance about how to use Facebook’s logos and trademarks in print, film, broadcast and online.

The social network redesigned its “f” logo earlier this month, but as of last week hadn’t updated its brand resource center with the new version. Now instead of simply swapping in the new logo, the company has created a whole new site to communicate its brand positioning and rules around using its assets. Facebook is one of the most well-known brands in the world, but also one of the most misused. People and businesses regularly use altered or outdated logos, and refer to Facebook in ways that misrepresent its brand.

The new Facebookbrand.com includes clear do’s and don’ts and FAQ for advertisers, developers, publishers, filmmakers or anyone who intends to use the company’s name, logos or images in their work. There are a number of rules that these stakeholders might not be aware of and could result in enforcement from Facebook.

For instance, any use of Facebook assets in film or broadcast must be pre-approved by the company. The Like button image cannot be used online in any instance except the official Facebook plugin. In print and packaging, the Like button image can be used but it cannot be used to replace the word “like” in a sentence. You can review more of these rules and guidelines here.

Thanks to Tom Waddington for the tip.