Facebook Reveals Steps to Keep Advertisers Better Informed

The social network debuted an Ads Status Page with details on service disruptions

Is Facebook's Ads Manager down? - Credit by Facebook
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Facebook created an Ads Status Page to keep advertisers on its platform informed about disruptions to its services.

The page alerts advertisers if there are issues with the social network’s Ads Manager related to creation/editing, delivery or reporting.

The social network also pledged to increase support during the crucial period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday for businesses of all sizes—around-the-clock support for larger brands and more chat support for small and midsized businesses.

Other updates revealed by the social network Thursday included a Learning Phase section in the Account Overview tab in Ads Manager, helping details how machine learning determines who to show their ads to.

The Learning Phase section shows advertisers the percentage of ads, ad sets and spend in learning phases for that account to help them make more informed decisions or create budget efficiencies.

Some advertisers may begin seeing alerts in Ads Manager’s Account Overview tab and while creating ads, and those alerts will provide specific suggestions on how to improve performance, including auction overlap, ad set consolidation and conversions.

Finally, Facebook said it will begin notifying advertisers within Ads Manager if there are major changes across its five most common metrics—amount spent, cost per result, impressions, reach and results—that may require their attention.

Facebook vice president of ads and business platform Dan Levy said in an email, “We know that stability of our services is critically important for businesses, and we are committed to improving. We hope these notifications and the ads status page help advertisers better inform their marketing decisions, particularly during the busy holiday season.”

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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