Facebook Rolling Out Offers As Payment For Credits

The next time you purchase something through Facebook, you may not have to pay for it with cash, instead opting to complete an offer as provided through two partners currently testing the service with Facebook. This is a big move for Facebook as offers have historically been one of the most criticized areas within Facebook applications. Facebook is treading lightly for now, calling this a “beta beta” test, however they’ve rolled it out within a number of large applications.

Right now Offers are being tested with TrialPay and Peanut Labs, according to Eric Eldon, which is not surprising as these companies have been focused on high quality ads. While other networks have been making strides to clean things up, the offers space has a relatively dark past, generating large amounts of revenue from scam offers.

Given how profitable offers have been for some of the largest application developers, it’s not surprising to see Facebook in this space. We would assume that Facebook will be heavily monitoring all offers running through their network as well. With offers increasingly tying into some of the large “group buying” products on the web, it’s not exactly surprising to see Facebook entering this space.

You can see a screenshot of the service implemented below from within the Happy Island application. Also interestingly, the Facebook Credits logo that Facebook recently trademarked makes a significant presence within the application. We’d expect Facebook to announce requirements about implementing credits and displaying the Facebook Credits logo within applications.

These details could be announced as soon as next week at the f8 developer conference in San Francisco.

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