Facebook Roundup: Alcohol, Photos, Apps, Pokes Banks, Spam, Dating, Cars and More

Facebook Photos Provide 50% More Impressions – Roost released a report this week that looked at more than 10,000 Twitter and Facebook posts, finding that photos generate 50% more impressions than other posts and quotes 22% more interactions. Questions also generate more comments,

Facebook Apps Create JobsResearch from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business found that Facebook’s “app economy” created about 182,700 jobs and that this economy was worth $12.19 billion.

Facebook Hides Pokes – AllFacebook reported this week that Facebook minimized the Poke button into a right-hand menu ahead of a larger change.

App Acts as Banking Center on FacebookGoal Card is a Facebook app that acts as a bank for holders of prepaid cards, allowing them to manage their money using animated photos, video games and virality.

Honestly Now Raises Funding – Honestly Now has raised a round of seed funding from Golden Seeds and Canrock Ventures. The Q&A social game is aimed at helping women 30-50 make be better decisions.

ShareSafe Proects Against Spam – ShareSafe is a new app from F-Secure that protects users against spam and malicious links in their feed. The app allows you to copy links from Facebook into the app, which then checks them for suspicious content. If they’re clean, users may post them to Facebook straight from the app.

Are You Interested? Mobile App Released – SNAP Interactive released the mobile version of its popular dating app, Are You Interested?, this week, available on several mobile platforms including Android, iOS, and Blackberry OS 6.0+.

Yarsellr Launches Fashion Marketplace – Yardsellr Inc. a social commerce marketplace announced the launch of a new fashion social marketplace, style.ly this week.

Liquidus Showcases Car Dealers on FacebookLiquidus launched Socialink this week, enabling car dealers to showcase video of every vehicle in their inventory to potential buyers on Facebook.

Facebook Implements New Alcohol Ad Rules – Alcoholic beverage marketers on Facebook will now have to restrict access to their Pages to people of drinking age. However, the company dealt with the issue years ago by providing demographics restrictions, allowing Page owners to customize the age minimum per country to conform with local laws.

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