Facebook Scam Alert: $500 Whole Foods Card is Fake

Businesses might still be warming up to the idea of social media marketing to sell goods and services, but hackers seem to understand the potential, going to the extent of propagating a current Facebook-based scam, purportedly for Whole Foods, to gain personal information and install viruses. The scam is in various forms — and even uses Whole Foods Market’ logo — suggesting that you can a $500 gift card.

This scam is being propagated through fake Facebook Fan Pages that use the name “Whole Foods,” and suggest urgency of signing up, supposedly due to limited quantities and a deadline. As CNET points out, the signup forms go so far as to ask applicants to fill out a credit assessment, which includes a fair bit of personal data. The net result is that some people have had malware installed on their computer as a result. Apparently Whole Foods is responding to people via Twitter about this scam.

Have you seen these fake Whole Food ad, below, or other ones? Have you signed up for any? Let us know in the comments.

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