Facebook Search Larger Than AOL, Approaching Ask

According to a new report published by Citi Investment Research, Facebook now accounts for 4.2 percent of the traffic to the top 5 search engines. As a percentage of the total search market however, Facebook currently accounts for 2.7 percent according to GigaOm. The numbers emphasize Facebook’s continued growth not only as a social network but as a leading search engine.

While Facebook search still has a ways to go in terms of improvements, the company has been actively making updates and it’s expected that more search features will be announced at the upcoming f8. As search functionality expands within Facebook one can assume that the site could eventually become one of the leading search engines although they still have a ways to go.

Also, given that Microsoft Bing powers much of Facebook search, there’s a chance that the search could eventually evolve beyond Bing which would damage Microsoft’s search market share. While the odds of Facebook cutting out Microsoft from search is relatively low for the time being, it wouldn’t be completely surprising as they already cut out Microsoft ad inventory from the site.

For the time being, Facebook search will continue to grow with or without Microsoft’s help.