Facebook Page Landing Tabs Break Due To Bug

Facebook has finally pushed out the readjusted size of Facebook Page landing tabs, something they first announced months ago. A bug in Facebook’s FBML proxy/cache resizing for images has broken many Facebook landing tabs. The new width is 520 pixels, down from 760 pixels. This change has come as a surprise for many, some of which had not created Facebook Pages until recently. The result is that landing tabs have become blurry for many as Facebook has automatically resized landing tab images to be smaller.

(Please view our update at the bottom about the bug)
While the Facebook Developer Roadmap has not been updated to signify the impending change, many Facebook Page administrators awoke this morning to find their landing tabs effectively broken. While many administrators will rush to make changes, some have sent us complaints that they weren’t given any notification. Ultimately it’s difficult for Facebook to notify all administrators, however we agree that they could have sent out an email or placed an alert at the top of Pages for administrators.

Even our own Facebook Page is now broken, although we were aware of the shift and have had months to change them. Why Facebook decided to push out the change last night we’re not sure, but our guess is that this new shift allows Facebook to eventually add wider advertisements, something the company first began testing last April.

If you haven’t adjusted your Facebook Page landing tab for this new size, now would be a good time to do so! The new width is 520 pixels, so I’d make the change now, even if your Facebook Page has not been automatically resized (as ours has).

It appears that this was not a permanent push. Instead it’s a bug with Facebook’s image caching. Apparently it will be fixed later today. You can find the bug here.

Thanks to Brian Leimone of 140ology for tipping us off about the issue.

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