Facebook simplifies process for creating repeat events

Facebook introduced a new feature for events this week that allows users to quickly create a similar event as one they previously hosted or attended.

When a user clicks “create repeat event” from a drop-down menu on most event pages, Facebook will automatically populate a new event dialog with details from the last event, including the invite list. Users can change the date or any other details if necessary.

The new feature makes it simpler for users to plan repeat events. This is especially useful for page owners that regularly host similar events or are planning a tour around the country, for example. Instead of manually filling out each field, they can keep most of the description the same and edit the location or time.

Users can create repeat events for any that they previously created or for any friends’ events that they attended. Users cannot use the repeat event feature for events created by pages they do not manage. This is likely to avoid spamming large audiences of a page’s fans. Similarly, when users recreate events that were originally hosted by a friend, the full guest list doesn’t carry over. They can only invite people they are already friends with.

Unlike with most calendar apps, Facebook events cannot be set as repeating from the point of creation. A useful feature for pages, groups and some users would be a way to create an event that automatically reoccurs every Monday and Thursday, for instance.

Image via Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin, who built the repeat event feature and announced it on his public profile.

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