INFOGRAPHIC: Why Half Of Small Firms Don't Facebook

Half of small businesses aren't on Facebook yet -- but why?

Half of small businesses aren’t on Facebook — but why?

The most popular reason: No time, according to 32.7 percent of the 1,674 small business owners surveyed by Pagemodo.

The Facebook-less also cited not understanding how the social network would help their business, the belief that their customers were not on Facebook, not knowing how to start a brand page, and not knowing Facebook brand pages existed.

However, despite all of the reasons cited above, more than 60 percent admitted plans to launch Facebook brand pages within the next 12 months.

Other highlights of the survey, as illustrated in the infographic beneath this post:

  • 77.5 percent of respondents with Facebook brand pages created those pages themselves via Facebook.
  • 67 percent had websites before they had Facebook pages.
  • The most common use of Facebook brand pages was to share basic information about the business, cited by 85 percent of respondents.

Readers: Were you surprised to read that so many small-business owners are still confused about Facebook and how it can help them? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.