Facebook + Spotify = Goodbye iTunes?

Oversharing on the Internet went in to overdrive today, after Mark Zuckerberg and Co. at Facebook redeemed themselves from Wednesday’s worldwide backlash against its revamped news feed.

Facebook’s “clean” design of Timeline pages, music streaming, and more connectivity through an open-graph feature is garnering a lot of praise in the blogosphere. Zuckerberg introduced the changes Thursday morning at f8, a Facebook developers conference, and it wasn’t long until there was positive reaction all over the Web about new partnerships with Netflix (not in the U.S., so they can’t even use that to do a little damage control) and music service Spotify.

Musicians should pay attention to this Facebook transformation.

Just as MySpace was central to a band’s presence on the Web, Facebook has stepped in to become the new MySpace. The Spotify connection will allow Facebook users to show all their friends what music they are listening to, and to recommend music based on that “word of mouth,” so to speak.

The Washington Post has already asked if this pairing will be an “iTunes killer.”

“We’re not really thinking about the competition … but this is a great day for us,” said Ken Parks, Spotify’s chief content officer.

I have already learned that a photographer I worked with 16 years ago spent the evening listening to R.E.M. Is this useful? No.