Facebook Launched a Stand-Alone Site for Moments, But Why?

The social network made a desktop version of Moments via Facebook.com available to all users last December

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Facebook launched a stand-alone web version of its Moments application, but the website’s main purpose appears to be prompting users to download the app.

Sarah Perez of TechCrunch reported that the Moments site enables users to see albums they have created and who those albums have been shared with, it doesn’t do much else.

Perez pointed out that functions such as favoriting or commenting on photos bring up a pop-up directing users to the app, giving them the option of entering their mobile phone numbers to receive a direct link to download the app.

She also reported that there is no way to create new albums, edit existing albums or share albums with friends via the Moments site.

Facebook introduced Moments in June 2015, and the app surged in popularity that December, when the social network announced that it was eliminating photo-syncing and moving backed-up photos to Moments.

Last December, the social network made a desktop version of Moments via Facebook.com available to all users, but it, too, contained limited functionality, as users could view shared photos, but other actions—adding photos to albums, likes, comments, creating slideshows—could only be done via the app.

Facebook would not offer any details on long-term plans for the Moments site to Perez.

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