Facebook Starts Page to Discuss Apps with Users

Facebook intentionally makes it pretty difficult for users to find the application directory. Rather, it’s set up the Platform so that applications spread “virally” through Facebook’s various application communication channels from user to user. (Tip: to find the app directory, click on the far left button on the bottom toolbar within Facebook, and when the menu pops up, click on “Browse more applications.”). However, Facebook has just created a new Page to help with application discoverability and education called “Applications on Facebook.”

As the company blog post about the news says: “Through educating and inspiring users about what they can expect of quality applications, and the developers behind them, we hope to increase the trust they place in your applications.”

Facebook employees will be posting about things like product updates, profiles of successful developers, and mentions of apps they like. While the company already offers a hand-curated “Featured by Facebook” section at the top of the directory, this page might be another way for developers to get the word out about their creations. Provided they win over the Facebook employees in charge of the page, of course.

Along with the featured list in the directory, this page is slightly reminiscent of Twitter’s Suggested User List, although that list is featured far more prominently, while this page is just in the mix of pages with everyone else.

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