Facebook Status Updates Misinform About News Feeds

Well-intentioned, albeit erroneous, warnings about visibility of posts in the news feed, are going up about once every five seconds as of this writing.

Facebook users are once again reposting erroneous advice in their status updates, and this time it concerns the news feeds.

These well-intentioned, albeit erroneous, warnings, like the one pictured above, are going up about once every five seconds as of this writing.

One reader, Rob Hoffman, explained to us in an email why these repostings are incorrect:

When you go to Account -> Edit Friends, it always defaults to “Recently Interacted,” so this looks logical.

However, this is a filter for editing friends – – just as the link indicates – – so it has nothing to do with the news feed.

Of course, nobody trusts Facebook to do the right thing, so they believe this is correct because their friends told them so.

The real method to ensuring that you’re seeing everyone’s posts in the news feed is, of course, clicking the arrow to the right of “most recent” at the top of the news feed, then “edit options,” then select “all your friends and pages” next to “show posts from.”

Given how widespread these warnings have become, Facebook’s communications team may well post an official clarification about how to adjust the news feed filters on one’s home page.

Meanwhile, readers, are you seeing any of these well-intentioned, albeit erroneous warnings — or responses to them 00in your friends’ news feeds?

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