Want To Tweet Your Facebook Status Updates? Here’s How (And Why You Might Want To Rethink It)

Just last week we wrote about a new feature that Twitter rolled out which allowed its users to easily post their tweets to Facebook.

But Facebook wouldn’t be outdone: they, too, have quietly unveiled a new feature that will allow users to tweet out status updates, effectively the reverse of last week’s announcement.

And while this potential joining of the two networks might seem like a good idea (wouldn’t life be easier if there was only one place to post your latest lunchtime shenanigans?), you shouldn’t be too quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Amid the flurry of reports of Facebook’s new “subscribe” button – which feels a lot like Twitter’s “follow” button – the company released a feature that would enable users to send all of their Facebook status updates to Twitter directly.

TechCrunch first noticed the new Facebook-to-Twitter feature, buried in the subscriptions documentation. Here’s what it says:

Yes, soon you’ll be able to update your Twitter account directly from Facebook. To get started:

1) Go to facebook.com/twitter

2) Link your profile or Page to your Twitter account

Once you link your accounts, your Twitter account will be updated every time you post a public update to Facebook. Note: Only posts whose privacy you set to Public using your inline controls are eligible for this.

Using Facebook to tweet is something that might not be a good idea for the average social networker. As TechCrunch notes, you have been able to do this for some time using Facebook Pages, but it is only in this recent update – which will be rolled out within the next week – that Profiles have been given the go-ahead to start tweeting.

The two networks have very different etiquettes, which might make your Facebook statuses ill-equipped for your Twitter audience. Think about it: what do you normally update your Facebook status with? Isn’t it usually more mundane and/or personal than the links and opinions you share on Twitter?

Facebook is a network for personal connections, while Twitter is an information network. Mixing the two and tweeting your status update about your brand new kitten could potentially alienate your Twitter followers.

It’s a shame that Twitter and Facebook haven’t worked out a system like Twitter and LinkedIn, in which only those tweets which contain a specific hashtag (such as #in) would be sent to LinkedIn. If you could tag certain Facebook status updates for Twitter, that might make this feature more useful.

What do you think? Would you ever try tweeting your Facebook status updates? Let us know in the comments.

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