Facebook Stops Updating Application Statistics

For the past ten days, Facebook has stopped updating application statistics. That means all leaderboards (including our own) based on Facebook’s statistics have stopped updating and developers can’t track how their application, or competing applications are performing. While we’re assuming that the statistics will get updated shortly, this is probably the longest period of time that we’ve seen the stats stop reporting.

One potential reason for the downtime is that Facebook has reallocated resources to work on other projects temporarily over the past week and a half in order to expedite the process of rolling out new privacy settings. Alternatively, the company is simply running into problems with their stats tools, although we’d doubt that’s the source of the issue.

Over the past few days we’ve received countless inquiries about why our leaderboards are no longer updating. Unfortunately for us, all of our data comes directly from Facebook and if they aren’t updating their data, we’re not updating ours! While I hope that the stats return to normal this week, they appears to still be set on statistics from ten days ago.

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