Facebook Streamlines Credits Payflow

Facebook announced a “Labor Day” edition of its platform updates that reveals a streamlined payflow option for Facebook Credits.

Developer now have the option to omit the Credits “bulk-discounted” packages from the pay flow. Facebook provides the following screenshot:

Developers are able to A/B split test the streamlined pay flow to determine what impact it may have on user spending. Facebook often tests new Credits features like these, such as the Frictionless Credits function, however it hasn’t done anything big with Credits features in recent months.

At this point, developers are looking for ways to keep players in-game at all times — even when paying for things. A big step in this direction would be a tweak to the games platform that stops users from automatically exiting full-screen mode whenever a Facebook dialogue box appears. Sean Ryan, Director of Games Partnerships, mentioned such an improvement last month during a press event detailing significant platform updates.

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