Facebook Streamlines Developer Application

Facebook updated its developer application with a streamlined user interface for different app integrations.

Today, Facebook announced a redesigned developer application to make it easier to update basic app settings all in one place.

A Facebook spokesperson told us via email that the streamlined user interface shows the different app integrations (web, app on Facebook, mobile devices, page tab) and walks developers through the fields needed to get started.

To see the changes, click on edit settings for an app. The new layout includes settings (with basic and advanced sub-menu items), roles and credits.

The basic page gives developers one place to configure settings and provide a summary page for the app. The settings build a simple “Hello World” app on Facebook platform.

The top banner of the page has the app name, image, icon, app ID and app secret. Upload a 75×75 pixel app image by hovering over the app image to edit it. Or, click on the edit icon link next to the icon to upload a new 16×16 pixel app icon.

Then, fill in the basic info section with information that applies to all app integrations.

  • The app display name is the user-facing name of the app.
  • App namespace is the short app name used for the Canvas Page URL (apps.facebook.com/YOUR_APP_NAMESPACE).
  • Contact email is the primary address that Facebook uses to contact you.
  • Category describes the app’s content.

The last section allows developers to choose how their app integrates through Facebook. Select whether you own or want to build a website, an app on Facebook, a native mobile app, or a page tab app.

The advanced page includes the rest of the settings such as authentication, migrations, security, advanced canvas settings (visible only to apps on Facebook) and contact info. Roles and credits remain the same.

The updated developer app went out to a limited number of developers today and will be available to everyone over the next week, according to Facebook’s official developer blog.

This is part of Facebook’s Operation Developer Love, an ongoing effort to provide new features based on feedback. Other recent changes include the ability to add and manage test users and the ability to use Facebook groups to manage app roles.

Readers, what do you think of the new changes to the developer app?

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