Facebook Extension From Chrome Lets You Get Intros

Chrome extension Jotpop lets Facebook users ask friends for introductions to other people.

A Chrome extension for Facebook lets users ask friends for introductions to their contacts.

Installing JotPop for Facebook adds a button to the right of the friend request button on the pages of your friends’ friends, saying “ask a friend about,” followed by the individual’s name.

Click on that ask button, and a popup window asks who you’d like to introduce you.

Selecting someone then fires up a new message addressed to that mutual friend formally requesting the introduction.

Jotpop seems like a good complement to Facebook’s “suggest friends” prompts, which aim to get people who’ve been on the site longer to help newer members find mutual friends. The “ask a friend about” button appears to be more geared toward getting an introduction to someone you want to network with for work purposes or who you want to chat up and ask out on a date.

Readers, have you tried this particular Chrome extension for Facebook and if so, what do you think of it?

Many thanks to Eti Suruzon for the tip!