Facebook tests ‘Add to Map’ prompt on place pages

Some users are seeing an “Add to Map” button in the top corner of Facebook pages associated with an address.

The feature encourages users to make a post that will show on their map and Timeline. Users can set indicate that they visited a place in the past and tag friends they were with. With features and prompts like this, Facebook can get users to fill in their Timelines and provide more information that can later be used to make recommendations or target ads. This is also in line with Facebook’s strategy of making location a core part of its product, not a separate check-in feature as it initially debuted.

Many businesses will benefit as more people share where they’ve been. Having users see that a friend or several friends have been to a place can be very valuable. With time, Facebook is likely to play a larger role in providing social recommendations for people to discover new places and decide where to go.

See the following screenshots for a look at how “Add to Map” works. When users click the Add to Map button, a publisher window pops up. Users can write a post, set the date, tag friends and select who can see the post.

“Add to Map” changes to “Mapped” and users can click to see the post on their map.

The post shows up on the map as other location posts do.

And the action is mentioned in the recent activity section of the user’s Timeline.