Facebook tests ‘boost’ and ‘advertise’ buttons instead of ‘promote’

Facebook is testing new language to encourage page owners to buy Promoted Posts. Instead of “promote,” some users are seeing a “boost post” or “advertise post” button on their page content.

This seems to be purely a language change. No functionality is different. Facebook could be testing other versions of the button, but so far we’ve only seen “boost,” “advertise” and “promote.” [Update: Readers tell us they’ve also seen “Get more reach.”]

Promoted Posts are page posts that get additional paid reach in News Feed among fans and friends of fans as a result of using a button on the page. Part of their appeal is that they don’t require page owners to create campaigns through the more complex ads create tool or Power Editor. With Promoted Posts, page owners pay a flat rate to reach a given number of users. For Sponsored Stories, Page Post Ads and other Facebook ad types, advertisers pay per impression or per click.

Another difference between Promoted Posts and Page Post Ads is that Promoted Posts are only shown to a page’s existing fans, with an option to reach friends of fans as well. Page Post Ads have more flexibility in that they can reach non-fans or only friends of fans. Promoted Posts also do not have allow for interest- or category-based targeting, which other Facebook ad types do.

Promoted Posts are shown exclusively in News Feed, both on desktop and mobile. The goal of these ads is to reach more of a company’s existing audience and some of their friends. These help get a page’s content seen but generally do not result in many new page Likes.

Some page owners resent the idea of having to pay for distribution to fans they’ve already acquired. Facebook is growing more aggressive about monetizing pages, but Promoted Posts largely stem from the reality that there is an increasing number of stories competing for placement in News Feed. Pages, like users, are not able to reach all of their followers organically. The promote button — or “boost” or “advertise” — makes the process of maximizing a page’s reach for important posts much simpler.