Facebook Tests Prompts For Page Recommendations

Facebook is testing widgets asking users whether they'd like to write a recommendation of a page.

Apparently Facebook is testing widgets that asks users whether they’d like to write a recommendation of a page — including a popups after they’ve clicked the like button.

The screenshots in this post explain the test better than mere words can.

We’d received the top right image from David Hutnik, social media specialist at PhotoBiz.com.

He explained that he first saw the recommendation prompt after he clicked like on a page he doesn’t administer, then proceeded to his own and discovered it also worked there — after he unliked and then reliked the page.

We forwarded Hutnik’s screenshot to Facebook’s media relations team and asked whether the image showed a bona fide test feature or the work of a third-party plug-in. A spokesperson replied:

We’re always testing new features with small percentages of users to provide us feedback to help improve the service. The tests inform many of the improvements we make to the site and help shape new products.

Completed recommendations appear in a box in the top right-hand corner of the page where this test feature appears; this box includes a prompt asking people to submit their own recommendations.

In the upper right corner of this box, the linked words “see more” pops up a larger box over the page, with an accordingly bigger prompt to recommend the page.

Interestingly, while I never saw any pop-up prompts to write a recommendation after liking the PhotoBiz page, nor any other page, for that matter, I do see the suggestion to write a recommendation beneath the other recommendations on the page, then also above the expanded recommendation box, plus on the profile walls of the people who recommended the page. Again, the screenshots explain this better than any words can.

This test feature seems like it would benefit pages a great deal; perhaps one of the testing objectives here is not whether to ask users for written recommendations, but rather, how many prompts are optimal. Or, which is the best location for placing the prompts?

Readers, where and when do you think Facebook ought to prompt people to write a recommendation for a page?

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