Why You Should Not Use Third-Party Apps For Facebook Posting

It’s worth spending that extra time to post to your Facebook page, a new study says.

Facebook posts that are posted via a third-party app like HootSuite, TweetDeck, dlvr.it and others receive an average of 70 percent fewer likes and comments for each fan, according to a new study by Applum.

Facebook’s algorithm places less prominence on posts that come in via an app and multiple posts from the same app can appear to be collapsed, according to the blog Inside Facebook.

HootSuite, which is popular with news organizations, saw a 69 percent reduction in engagement, compared to manually-posted posts. TweetDeck saw a 73 percent decrease, while dlvr.it saw a whopping 91 percent reduction.

The study analyzed more than 1,000,000 updates posted to more than 50,000 pages. An engagement ratio was calculated: total likes and comments on a post divided by the number of fans each page had at the time.

Scheduling posts, which is often what news organizations use these tools for, can be dangerous. If major news breaks, it would be inappropriate to for the scheduled post on that feature story to continue to publish. If a social media manager forgets to delete scheduled posts in this situation, it makes for an embarrassing situation.

Going to Facebook.com will also allow you to engage more with fans. Third-party apps often make it difficult or impossible to see how people are reacting to a story.

Long story short: Post to Facebook via Facebook.com for maximum engagement. It is certainly worth the extra time—and allows you to better monitor the activity on your page, too.

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