TOUR: Facebook's Timeline For Pages Is Here, With Pinning

Facebook's timeline for pages is here, and we've got a tour of the new features here.

Facebook’s new design for pages combines the much anticipated timeline with pinning.

There are three ways to see a preview of it that also presents you with the option to upgrade to timeline right now:

All pages will default to timeline on March 30, but administrators can publish the new layout as early as today.

Key points about timeline pages, as Facebook’s communications team puts it so eloquently:

  • Pinned posts keep important stories at the top of a page timeline for up to seven days.
  • The new administration panel makes it easy for page administrators to track their performance and to respond to private messages from people.
  • Larger stories, milestones, and page timeline. The new page design allows page owners to tell richer stories through bigger photos and milestones that can include a date and other content.

You can access a tour of the new timeline for pages both on the official Facebook page for the new feature and by clicking on the “learn more” button that appears on the top of any page you administer.

Below are some screenshots from the timeline tour for AllFacebook’s page on Facebook (Note: Instead of shrinking screengrabs to fit our into 600 pixel-wide columns, which makes many details too small to see, we’ve done a bit of cutting and pasting. Your layout will show things on the right-hand side that we’ve moved to the bottom of our images.)

We are in the process of upgrading to the new layout, and will let you know how that goes. Meanwhile, readers, what are you experiencing with your own upgrades and perusal of other pages going through the transformation?