Facebook To Unveil Recommendation Widget At f8

Among other widgets and embeddable services being announced at today’s f8, Facebook will be releasing a recommendation engine that website owners can place on their site. It will be a service that’s similar to the “similar articles” feature used on many WordPress blogs. There are a number of people who have been discussing the feature, including Jesse Stay who wrote that it would be a “wiki-like” recommendation engine. According to our sources it will use “Like” data to drive recommendations.

There are a number of other features that will be released at f8 today as we suggested yesterday, many of which will be easily embeddable within sites. The Open Graph is at the center of Facebook’s new strategy to expand to the rest of the web. Over the next hour and a half we will learn more about the details of the new Open Graph and developers should be able to start building on top of the service immediately.

We’ll be posting more updates as the day progresses.

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