Facebook Transcoding Some Recently Uploaded Video Files to H.264 Which Plays Back on an iPad

I was mildly interested when I read that videos on Facebook might be viewable on the iPad.

Facebook Starts Serving iPad-Friendly Video

I wasn’t extremely interested in this development (even though I know it would be important) and didn’t have the time to test it myself. So, I let the story go. I’m glad I did now because ReadWriteWeb learned from a private email correspondance from Facebook that newly uploaded videos are converted to H.264 AVC (Advanced Video Coding) MPEG-4 files which playback on the iPad. Videos uploaded before the H.264 was adopted are not being converted to that format at the moment. And, it appears that not all recently uploaded video files were converted to H.264.

Facebook Testing HTML5 Video for iPad? Apparently Not [UPDATED]

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