Facebook Trends Beauty and Food Marketers Need to See Before Crafting Their Next Offers

Very specific topics pop

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Each month, we look at Facebook IQ's data-based charts, called Topics to Watch, to see what kind of subjects marketers should be looking out for on the social network. 

Interestingly, the latest in the series suggests beauty brands need to take note of "permanent makeup," a cosmetic technique that uses tattoos to produce designs resembling, say, eyeliner. Compared to a year ago, Facebook's nearly 200 million American users are posting 16.7 times more often about the subject. 

Facebook is developing a track record for unearthing fashion-minded trends such as "beauty primer," which was a Topic to Watch in July. As beauty marketers craft customer-focused messaging for the platform, they can probably take such information to heart.

Also, food marketers right now should know that South Indian Cuisine is really gaining traction on the social network. U.S. users are posting almost 30 times more on the subject than they were last year at this time. 

Check out the full findings for this month's Topics to Watch below:




Facebook IQ's predictive tools analyze the long-term consistent growth of a topic on Facebook. Using data from hundreds of thousands of conversations, the social network said it's able to forecast what discussions will continue to escalate based on how other topics normally trend upward in volume, variance and rates of consistent growth. When predicting whether chatter around specific topics will increase, Facebook stated that early tests have been 80 percent accurate.

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