Facebook tries new ‘recommended pages’ section to get users to Like more

Facebook has a new ‘recommended pages’ section on the site that gives users a list of pages they might be interested in. It also brings back the list of a user’s page invites, which was left out of the last redesign, and introduces a search feature.

The recommended pages section is accessed via the “Like Pages” link in the left-hand column of Facebook. Previously, this link took users to a pages browser where they could look at different categories of pages. Now the link goes to a narrower version of this page with suggested pages appearing in a single column with a Like button to the right. Instead of showing general categories of pages, there’s a way for users to search for a particular page. For the most part, Pages are suggested based on recent check-ins, pages users have visited, Open Graph activity and friend connections.

The main “Like more pages” section is still accessible at Facebook.com/pages and via a link when users hide ads or when a friend Likes a page. Facebook has once again added a list of pages that users have been invited to. This feature was first added to the pages browser in 2011, but it didn’t make it into the redesign in September. It’s been reinstated there and also appears in the new recommended pages section, as seen below.

Getting users to Like more pages will help Facebook show users more relevant ads. Even though it’s advertisers who choose their target audience and users who define who they are on the site, the social network often gets the blame when users see ads they don’t relate to.

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