How Does Twitter’s 100 Million Active Users Compare To Facebook And LinkedIn? [CHART]

Yesterday Twitter proudly announced that it has 100 million active users on the network. This is a pretty healthy statistic, and certainly a lot higher than the touted 21 million active users that was doing the rounds earlier this year.

Twitter, like its peers in the social space, defines an active user as somebody who logs on just once per month. But what about all users, including those who are less active than this? A couple of weeks back I estimated that Twitter’s total membership tally (all registered profiles) should be around the 254 million mark. From this we can deduce that approximately 40 percent of Twitter’s total users are active.

So how does that compare to the other major social networks?

Well, it’s better than LinkedIn, but way, way behind Facebook.

Facebook has 750 million active users, and displays this fact prominently on their official statistics page on LinkedIn isn’t so keen to release their active users number, but back in August their total membership was listed at about 116 million members. LinkedIn themselves say they’ve been adding about 1 million users per week, so let’s round that number up to 120 million.

Now, you’re going to have to go with me on this next part. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that Twitter’s percentage of active users is a constant across all of social networking. As we’ve seen 40 percent of Twitter’s users are active, inasmuch as they log in at least once per month. This would mean that, all things being equal, LinkedIn has 48 million active users.

Here’s your chart.

As you can see Facebook is quite simply miles ahead of everyone else. But there’s a bigger story to consider here. If that 40% active user ratio is consistent across all social networks, that means that Facebook actually has 1.875 billion total users. Sure, most of them aren’t exactly tearing the place up, but that’s an absolutely mind-blowing number.

Reminder: this is speculative. But consider this – China has a population of 1.331 billion. Which means that, insects and fauna aside, Facebook might well be just about the biggest thing on the planet.


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